The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) issues a statement on the issues currently taking place in women football Pursuant to  a  meeting of  the  Executive  Committee with  six  (6) women football  clubs (Royal Leopards Ladies; Siteki Ladies; Mbekelweni Ladies; Lobamba Highlanders Ladies; Southern Divas; and Shiselweni Roses) at Sigwaca House on the 15th March 2018; the Executive Committee met to discuss  all  the  issues  presented  by  the  women  football  clubs in  question,  in  particular, their concerns around the events currently taking place at the Women Football Association. In this regard the Executive Committee hereby states the following:

  • The Executive Committee have noted all the submissions and discussions made at the above stated meeting  and  is  of  the  view  that  the  same  matters  presented  in  the  meeting  had already been advanced at the High Court of the Kingdom of Swaziland wherein the six (6) women  football  clubs  were  cited  as  applicants, with  the  NFAS  as  respondents; to  which responses  were  advanced  by  the  NFAS,  as  respondents in  the    The High Court dismissed the matter with costs.


  • The Executive Committee further noted that the women football clubs again referred the matter to  Court  undercover  yet in another  Certificate  of  Urgency;  a  matter  which  was eventually struck-off the roll. This was after the High Court determined that investigations be executed following a much publicized Court Order which was purported to have been in the possession of the women football clubs. Significant to note even at this instance, is that the  NFAS was  cited  as  respondents  in  the  matter  together  with  the  Women  Football Association (WFA). To this date, the results of the investigations are not known or have not been communicated to parties in the matter.


  • The Executive Committee, on the highlight of these significant and legal developments, as above articulated,  whilst  the  matter  of  the  investigations  is  still  being  addressed  by  the court,  wherein,  too,  the  NFAS  was  cited as  respondents  and  pending  the  results  of  the investigations, for the sake of appropriate order, the NFAS cannot deal with the matter, the matter being sub judicae.


  • The concluding position of the NFAS on this matter therefore, is that whilst the matter is being addressed,  pending  the  results  of  the  investigations  by  the  High  Court,  and  for  the continuance  of  football, the  six  (6) women  football  clubs (above  stated)  are advised  and directed  to  immediately  go  back  and  participate  in  women  football  clubs’  competitions under the auspices of the WFA.
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