Eswatini MTN is in love with the country through football. This was disclosed by the CEO of the mobile telecommunication company, Ambrose Dlamini during the prize presentation ceremony that was held last night at the Royal Villas in Ezulwini. “By partnering football for so long is a sign that Eswatini MTN loves the country”; Dlamini said. The CEO also highlighted that as a sponsor of the elite league and the National First Division on the land they really acknowledge His Majesty’s Government, football fraternity and other stakeholders for the successful implementation of the 2017/18 football season. The sponsor is also delighted to see one of the local football clubs performing very well in international competitions which is a sign that they are also contributing towards football development in the country. “As a sponsor we are delighted to see one of the local football team playing very well in international competitions”; Dlamini said. In conclusion the CEO acknowledge the competitiveness of the tournament which also played a significant role in convincing Eswatini MTN to increase the sponsorship to E6million per football season.  

It is for this reason that the Premier League of Swaziland (PLS) through its Executive Member Peter Magagula acknowledged every stakeholder for the successful implementation of the previous football season. He also reminded the football team that as the new season draws near, fair play must be the main business so that football will be the winner as FIFA advocates. The National Football Association of Swaziland is also in full support of the PLS as it is a vital structure of football which embraces the development of football in the country. “The PLS through its competitions embraces football development in the country which complements the core business of the NFAS”; said the NFAS President Senator Adam Mthethwa.

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