Ed Markey once said “Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but is also an investment in our future”. This is exactly what FIFA is doing to the participants of the FIFA MA Physical Fitness Coaching Course that is currently underway at the Technical Centre in Lobamba. It is expected that after this course, the participants will have benefited from this course and also they will use the acquired knowledge in the development of football in the country.

This course was officially opened by the Eswatini Football Association’s (EFA’s) Vice President Mr. Peter Simelane who acknowledged FIFA for her role in the development of football in the country. “FIFA has done a lot for the country in as far as football development is concerned and as a football association; we very much acknowledge the world’s football governing body”; Simelane said. He highlighted that FIFA is not only facilitating football courses in the country; but is also developing football infrastructure thus contributing to the development of the country.

To the twenty-nine (29) participants; he highlighted to them that they must concentrate and acquire as much information as possible as the FIFA Instructor; Dr. Pradip Dutta is a vastly experienced and highly educated person. “To the participants; your level of concentration must be at the highest and also you must get as much information as possible from the FIFA Instructors as he is a highly qualified and experienced professional”; Simelane said.

The FIFA Instructor acknowledged the EFA for the warm hospitality since his arrival in the country and he is also looking forward to a successful course that will benefit the development of football in the country. This course will end on Friday after the closing ceremony that is scheduled for 1400hrs (2:00pm) local time.

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