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The Eswatini Football Association (EFA) in reaction to a publication carried by Eswatini Observer, of the 2nd December 2019; back page with the heading, “Magiyane Tipped for Sihlangu”, would like to advance a clarification as follows:

  • The football association has been taken by shock to learn that it has written a letter to Moneni Pirates Football Club on a purported request for the services of their head coach, Mr. Gcina Dlamini.


  • The football association would like to disassociate itself from this purported written letter to Moneni Pirates FC. The association would like to point out that no such letter exists nor any approach to Moneni Pirates FC nor any other football club or particular coach regarding the position of head coach of Sihlangu, that will become vacant as from the 1st January 2019 (as the current coach’s contract run up to the 31st December 2019).


  • In actual fact, at the meeting where the decision was made, there was no mention of a name of a coach nor an attempt to hire a coach for the national team, as a meeting to discuss the national team, including the engagement of a coach will be convened at a later date, where all details regarding the recruitment process will be discussed; after which invitations to interested coaches locally and internationally will be done. To clarify, the EFA issued a Press release, sent to media houses on Friday, 29th November 2019, stating that the EFA in view of its incapacity to meet the demands of the current head coach, Mr. Kostadin Papic, will not renew his contract when it expires on the 31st December 2019. The same press publication stated that the football association will at a later stage make some pronouncements on the future of the national team.


  • The official position therefore is that; Mr.Gcina Dlamini is the Head Coach of Moneni Pirates FC and Head Coach of the U17 National Men’s Team.


  • In this regard; the football association would like to express its apology to Moneni Pirates FC and the coach in question, that might have been equally shocked or any other party that might have been negatively affected by the publication.

The U20 Men’s National Team Captain, Meshack Lushaba has highlighted that the spirit is very high in the camp and players are available to fight for the nation. “Players are available and ready to fight for the nation in this championship”, Lushaba said. He made his remarks during the media day at Somhlolo National Stadium, in preparation for the upcoming 2019 COSAFA U20 Men’s Championship to be played in Lusaka, Zambia starting from 4th -14th December 2019. Lushaba also highlighted that they are not afraid to compete international. “We have to work hard and try our best to reach finals. We are prepared and we will come back home with the cup”, he said.

The captain’s words were echoed by Lizwe Zwane who showed confidence ahead of the upcoming championship in Lusaka, Zambia. He highlighted that they are ready to go and fight for the nation. “We have experience and we will put more effort to other players. We have support from our coaches”, Zwane said. Over and above, he promised the nation that they will come back home with the cup.

The U20 Men’s National Team Head Coach. Dominic Kunene has highlighted that they have to make history by winning this championship. “History is made by people. We have to make history and make our nation proud”, Kunene said. He also highlighted that preparations are good and spirit in camp is very high. “Players are soldiers training for a war and they understand that they have to fight for the nation”, he said,

Kunene also stated that players are trained physical and they expect good performance from players. “Our opponents are very aggressive when playing football. We have to be ready for every situation and our players need physical tactics for them to make good results”, he said. He also highlighted that their plan is not to concede goals. He further acknowledged Eswatini Football Association for the support that they are giving them.

The Eswatini Football Association (EFA) has acknowledged the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) for the perfectly implemented FIFA Football Medicine Course that took place at the Technical Centre in Lobamba on the 25th-26th November 2019. This was disclosed by the President of EFA Mr. Adam Mthethwa during the closing ceremony on Tuesday, 26th November 2019. “As football association we are very much honoured and privileged about the support that we get from FIFA in implementing such courses”, Mthethwa said.

Furthermore, he acknowledged the participants for being part of their historic course as it was the first time for the football association to host a FIFA Medical Course. He also urged participants to continue working for football as they are key stakeholders of the game. “As football association we are happy about your commitment. Our responsibility is to train people and equip them with knowledge”, he said. Over and above, he urged participants to go out there and look for team that doesn’t have qualified doctors like them, so that they can be attached and practice their knowledge.

When addressing the audience; on behalf of FIFA, the FIFA Instructor, Prof. Efraim B. Kramer thanked EFA for the support they have given them and for being part of this course. “It is my pleasure to be here and it has been a great experience”, Kramer said. He further urged participants to continue practice the knowledge in the field of play. “I hope that you have learnt something and your skills are updated. We are here to support you, to help you, to advice you and to guide you”, he added.


“Let’s go and make the change out there. Saves people’s lives and make a mark”, Motsa said. He spoke on behalf of the participants during the closing ceremony of the FIFA Football Medicine Course at the Technical Centre. He appreciated the commitment of his colleagues and gave them a challenge that it’s not about the theory and about the class but they have to make a mark and save people’s lives.

Motsa further extends his gratitude to EFA for the perfectly implemented course. “Indeed we are honoured and privileged to be part of the history making within the country, in terms of having a first of its kind with such a course being implemented”, he said. He also highlighted that they have realised how much change they needed within their scope of practice. “We are so proud of the leadership that we have as subject of the EFA. Indeed they are people oriented, making sure that they meet certain objectives and obligations”, he added.

The Eswatini Football Association’s (EFA’S) President Mr. Adam Mthethwa has acknowledged the commitment that the doctors have towards developing the health of football players in the country. He made his remarks during the opening ceremony of the FIFA Football Medicine Course at the Technical Centre in Lobamba on Monday, 25th November 2019. “As football association, we believe that at the end of the day, you will be able to take care of the players in football“, Mthethwa said. Other dignitaries present during this event were the FIFA Instructors; Dr. Liesel Geertsema from New Zealand, Mr. Alexis Weber from Switzerland and the EFA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Frederick Mngomezulu to mention but just a few. There are twenty-eight (28) participants for this course.

“If you want knowledge, you have to go for it and share that knowledge with your colleagues”, he said. He further highlighted that Eswatini is hosting this course for the first time. “As football association, it is our responsibility to ensure that health of the players is taken care of. For our clubs to have people looking after the players, we have to facilitate that”, he said. Over and above, Mthethwa welcomed the instructors and wished them a good stay in the country.

This course will end on Tuesday, 26th November 2019.

The Senior Men’s National Team Head Coach, Kostadin Papic has highlighted that football is not about money but it’s about focus and hard work in order for players to deliver good results. He made his remarks during the post-match press conference after the match against Senegal at the Mavuso Sports Centre. “I can’t make movements with the team but I am trying all my best to make my players deliver what is expected from them “, Papic said.

“Despite that Senegal is a strong team, Eswatini was performing very well before the rain” he said. Papic also highlighted that players created so many chances to score goals and win the match but they failed. “Fatigue catch up with my players. They were mentally exhausted and they thought the match is over”, he said. Over and above, he stated that for future they have to know what kind of quality players they have and they have to work hard for them to reach another level. “We need this kind of matches, to compete with the best countries in the world for us to see where were are standing and what kind of players we have”, he added.

The Eswatini Football Association (EFA) hosted the 2019 U15 Girls League on Saturday 16th, November 2019 at Usutu Forest Primary School. A total of eight (8) Primary Schools were competing on the day. The schools were; SOS Herman Gmeiner, Ezulwini Catholic, Elangeni, Entuthukweni, Kwaluseni Infant, Usutu Forest, Mhlambanyatsi and Lobamba National. The top three of this league were Lobamba National, Ezulwini Catholic and Elangeni. Lobamba got 10 points, Ezulwini got 9 points and Elangeni got 8 points. For their achievement; Lobamba got a trophy and medals whilst Ezulwini and Elangeni got medals.

The top goal scorer of this league was Andiswa Khoza from Lobamba National who won herself a trophy. Mandisa Dlamini from Ezulwini Catholic was crowned the best goalkeeper and the best player was Setsabile Dlamini from Kwaluseni Infant who also won herself a trophy. The best coach was Mr. Ginindza from Lobamba National. When interviewed after the event Ginindza acknowledged the work done by EFA in developing the women football in the country. “I thank EFA for giving these youngsters such opportunity to showcase their football skills and for their commitment in developing the women football in the country”, he said.


The Eswatini Football Association’s (EFA’s) President Mr. Adam Mthethwa has acknowledged the commitment of the Senior Men’s National Team (Sihlangu). “As a country we are satisfied with the commitment of the players. We have no doubt that we are going to perform very well in Bissau”, said the EFA’s President. He made his remarks during the farewell ceremony for the Senior Men’s National Team (Sihlangu) to Guinea-Bissau on Friday, 8th November 2019 at the Technical Centre.  

“You are heroes. The young players are looking up to you and the country is proud of you”, Mthethwa said. He further stated that the trip to Guinea will be too long to endure and players need to focus on getting good results. "Despite that you are travelling a long trip. You have to make the best out of the situation and fight for the nation”, he said.

Over and above, Mthethwa wished the National Team a safe journey to Bissau. “On behalf of the football association, we wish you a safe journey. Remember that when you go for a war, you need to ignore the challenges that you face and focus on what is going to happen in the 90 minutes that you are going to play”, he added. Kick-off for this international match is 1600 hrs (Guinea-Bissau time) which is 1800 hrs (Eswatini time).

The Senior Men’s National Team’s Head Coach, Kostadin Papic has highlighted that this match is very important to them and they will go with a positive mind set. ‘This match is very important to us, we are not afraid of anybody. We know what we are doing and we will try our best to win the match”, Papic sad. He also highlighted that it won’t be easy for the players to perform very well after the long trip to Guinea-Bissau. “It is true that this will not be an easy game, more especially because the trip to Guinea will be too long to undergo and we will not have enough time to rest. Fatigue will catch up with my players,” he said.

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