The Eswatini Football Association (EFA) has yet again shown her commitment of developing women football in the country by sponsoring the Women Football League (WFL) by Two Hundred and Fifty-five Emalangeni only (E255 000.00) for the 2018/19 football season. This was disclosed by the EFA President, Adam Mthethwa when addressing the participating team in the competition in an event that was held this afternoon at the Sigwaca House in Mbabane.

“The EFA has a responsibility of developing women football in the country of which this starts at FIFA level”; Mthethwa said. The President highlighted that as an association that is responsible for any football business in the country; they are quite aware about the cultural challenges of women football in Africa thus they are very much happy about the level of participation this football season as it is a record that a women football league can have a total of sixteen football teams competing. “It is an achievement to have more teams competing in the league as in Africa our cultural values are not that much promoting girls/women to play football of which we have a big mandate in football to promote their participation”; The EFA President said.

Over the years, the EFA encouraged the security forces on the land to have women’s football teams that will compete with the other teams of which this is yielding positive results as it has enhance the level of competition in the league and other competitions. It is for this reason the EFA is also urging companies to adopt the other teams so as to assist them with more resources so that they can be more competitive. This will enhance the standard of women football in the country.

Mthethwa also highlighted that in total, the EFA will spend a total Six Hundred and Sixty Thousand Emalangeni (E660 000.00) in developing Women Football in the country this year as there are other development programmes that are vital in the development of the game. This includes the Schools Women Football Development Programme and the Women Football Coaching Programme just to mention but a few. It must be noted that this amount excludes the activities of the women national teams.   

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