The marriage between the Hhohho Regional Football Association (HRFA) and Mandla Mahewu is gaining momentum yearly. This seven (7) year marriage commerced in 2011 with a sponsorship of E35, 000 and this current football season, it is at E70, 000. These sponsored competitions are the Promotional and Juniors Leagues. This good news were heard during the sponsorship launch that was held at Sigwaca House. Present during this event was the National Football Association of Swaziland's (NFAS) Vice President; Mr. Peter Simelane, Vice President of the NFAS; Dr. Comfort Shongwe, Executive Members of the HRFA, Supply Chain; Sales and Marketing Manager of Mandla Mahewu; Paula Marques and the representatives of the football clubs just to mention few.

When making his remarks on behalf of the NFAS, Vice President; Mr. Peter Simelane thanked the sponsors for supporting the development of football  over the years, as this has also benefited the socio-economy of the  country. "Thank you Mandla Mahewu for supporting football development in the country and also your enrichment of the socio-economy of the country through football", he said. He also pleaded to the football teams to give the sponsor a 5 star treatment by protecting the brand of football and that of Mandla Mahewu.

The sponsor expressed its exitement of partnering with HRFA since 2011 as football has enriched the Mandla Mahewu brand. "Since partnering with football, the brand has gained a lot of mileage and as a result; it has grown wings as it is now well known all over the country and beyond the boarders of this wonderful Kingdom", said Paula Marques. This brand is now available in Malawi and Botswana. She also highlighted that the purpose of increasing the sponsorship package was to increase the motivation factor to the players as they execute their football artistry. "The purpose of increasing the sponsorship package is to make the youth to be on fire when playing", she said.



The Hhohho Regional Football Association (HRFA) has honoured  the Vice President of the National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) who is a former Chairman of the HRFA, Dr. Comfort Shongwe with a Certificate of Appreciation for his 12- year service to the association. Speaking on behalf of the HRFAS was the General Secretary of the HRFA, Mr. Nigel Shongwe who expressed his sincere gratitude to Dr. Comfort Shongwe for his leadership and dedication whilst executing his duties at the association. "On behalf of the HRFA, I would like to thank the Vice President of the NFAS Dr. Comfort Shongwe for his service over the past 12 years as his contributions speaks for themselves", he said. The Vice President also thanked the HRFA family for their hard work and dedication to the sport as he wouldn't execute his role effectively without their support. "Thank you for this recognition and also to the HRAS family for the support whilst I was in office", he said.

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