The National Football Association of Swaziland (NFAS) through the partnership with the Lubombo
Regional Football Association (LRFA) and the Royal Swaziland Sugar Cooperation (RSSC) will from
Wednesday 18th  May, 2016 to Friday 20th May, 2016 conduct a Grassroots Football Coaching Course
in Tshaneni. The Facilitators will be the Technical Director Mr. Bhekisisa Boy Mkhonta and NFAS Youth
Coordinator Mr. Friday Myeni. This is targeted at youth coaches and teachers from the Mhlangatane
Branch of which fifteen (15) youth coaches and twenty (20) teachers are confirmed to be in attendance. 
This Mhlangatane Branch consists of teachers from Vuvulane, Tabankulu, Mafucula, Mhlume Simunye and
Tshaneni. "This is very vital as it will provide technical skills to the participants who are better positioned in
implementing these skills to the children in the targeted areas", said Mr. Bhekisisa Boy Mkhonta. It is one of
the most critical objectives of the National Football Association to develop football from the grassroots level
and this course therefore is one of the strategies to achieve such. 
The NFAS acknowledges the support from RSSC in as far as football development sponsorship is concerned,
more especially in the Lubombo Region. Such Support is very much significant as grassroots development is
where the unveiling of future National Team players takes place as well creating a good business base for
future club football business. It is for this reason that the NFAS encourages other organisations to invest in
football as it is a perfect vehicle for their business development as well as the contribution to the development
of the nation through sports, particularly football.