Children are under our care; we need to take good care of them. This is what Mbabane Midas is doing to children who are participating in the Hhohho U19 Championship that is sponsored by the Mbabane Midas. The slogan of the sponsor is “The love of cars”; however Mbabane Midas has done beyond that as this organisation has showed the love for children as they continue to sponsor this championship which is for the 3rd time this year. This year’s sponsorship is E13 000.00 which shows an increment of E 1 000.00 from last year’s sponsorship. The initial sponsorship was E10 000.00.

When presenting the sponsorship, Mbabane Midas Marketing Manager, Gcebile Vilakati highlighted the organization’s delight in as far as the partnership they are having with the Hhohho Regional Football Association (HRFA). “The organisation is very happy to partner with the HRFA”, said Vilakati. She also stated that, through this partnership they want to go an extra mile and visit the schools where these players are schooling so as to even enhance the social skills of other children who are not participating in this championship as part of their Corporate Social Investment.

Receiving this sponsorship on behalf of the HRFA was the Chairman of the Youth Committee Mr. Ntokozo Tsela and the General Secretary (GS) of the Eswatini Football Association (EFA) Mr. Frederick Mngomezulu. Äs the HRFA we would like to acknowledge Mbabanez Midas for her investment in the development of the Eswatini child through football”, Tsela said. He also challenged the participating teams to work extra hard and at least produce one player for the U20 national team.

The SG of the EFA, Mr. Frederick Mngomezulu highlighted that this investment was vital as it jwas building the future of the game and country. “This is an important investment as it is building the future of the country”, Mngomezulu said. He also acknowledged the HRFA for the excellent work when it comes to the development of the game. “The HRFA is doing an excellent job in as far as football development is concerned as a result, their work was used by the EFA when developing last year’s report to the Federation of International Football (FIFA) which created a good image for the whole country in as far as football development is concerned”, Mngomezulu highlighted. He also urged Mbabane Midas to continue sponsoring the league as these youngsters who participates in this championships are the future customers of the very same sponsor as by so doing, the brand will stick in their minds.

In conclusion, the SG challenged the players to put more effort in their game so that they can be part of the U20 HRFA Pick Team that will play in the upcoming International Youth Championships in June and ultimately make it in the U20 National Team that will compete in Mauritius in December.




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